Khuno: Mission Ready Avalanche Dog

Khuno is the senior patrol dog at Sierra. He has completed seven seasons as an Avalanche Dog at Sierra. He was mission ready by the end of his second season. Khuno loves girls, and should have hearts for pupils. He loves sweeping gate 5, and playing The Game!

Kopa: Mission Ready Avalanche Dog

Kopa has finished his forth season at Sierra. This 4 year old boy has been training since he was 6 months old. Kopa is an extremely playful yet disciplined dog who became a certified Avalanche Dog at the end of his second season. He comes from a long line of patrol dogs (Boomer Murphy from Squaw is his dad). He loves the snow and picking apples.

Hunter: Mission Ready Avalanche Dog

2.5 year old Hunter passed his Avalanche Dog Mission Ready test at the end of his second season, spring 2014. Hunter loves to run, roll, and dig in the snow.  Even more, he loves having a job to do, and can't wait to be given the special command 'Search'!

Spooner: Puppy in Training

4 month old Spooner will begin his training to be an Avalanche Dog winter 2015-2016. Come look for him on the mountain and enjoy some puppy time!

Cruiser: Retired Avalanche Dog

Cruiser was an avalanche dog for 9 seasons, the first five at Heavenly Ski Resort, the last four at Sierra at Tahoe. Cruiser was born to be an Avalanche Dog. His dad, granddad, and great granddad were all Heavenly Avalanche dogs. His great, great granddad, Doc, made a live find at Kirkwood Jan 4, 1995 when he dug a skier out from 3 feet of snow. At Heavenly, Cruiser was certified as an Avalanche Dog after 2 years of intense training, and became CARDA certified. While at Sierra, Cruiser learned the Swiss Avalanche dog method from Swizterland's lead dog trainer. Cruiser's favorite spot was the top of any lift greeting riders as they got off the chair. He passed on in the winter of 2010, and is greatly missed. His legacy continues as 7 of his pupppies have become Avalanche Dogs: Khuno (Sierra at Tahoe), Boulder (Heavenly), Coomba (Kirkwood), King (Mammoth), Sherman (Alpine), Tucker (Homewood), and Hunter (Sierra at Tahoe).

Rushto: Retired Avalanche Dog

Rushto spent 10 years as an avalanche dog at Sierra At Tahoe. He started when he was 4 months old, was riding snowmobiles, loading the lift, and doing single blinds by the end of his first year. By the end of his second year, he was doing double blinds and was certified. He loved deep powder, and to roll on his back in the bumps, head first! He retired after 10 years, but still loves the snow.

Sirius: Retired Avalanche Dog

Sirius was the first Avalanche Dog at Sierra At Tahoe. His handler, Bob Schultz, initiated the Avalanche Dog program at Sierra in the 1997-1998 season.

Keba: Retired Avalanche Dog

Keba was Sierra At Tahoe's 2nd Avalanche Dog. He was a rescue, found at 3 months old in the Nevada desert. Handler Dough Schwartz and his wife got a call from the animal shelter, and Keba was a perfect fit. Keba was an amazing athlete, and perhaps the fastest dog on Sierra's Avi team. He had a great nose and certified quickly in single and multiple burials. His favorite things were catching snowballs and wrestling Sirius, Rush-to, and Smiggins! He was a natural at riding lifts, snowmobiles, and motorcycles. Keba passed on to the powder mountain in the sky December 28th, 2012.